ocean freight FCL vs LCL shipping

How Should I Handle Ocean Freight: FCL vs LCL Shipping

While large and small businesses alike can benefit from LCL shipping, it often is the smaller companies and carriers that stand to benefit the most.

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A guide to harmonized tariff schedule

A Guide to Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) Codes

International trade can be complex for companies looking to expand procurement or distribution ...

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Top Ports in India

Top 5 Busiest Ports in India

India is a central maritime trade hub for several reasons. Located on the Arabian Sea in the we...

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China’s COVID Closures Impact on Shanghai and Beyond

The Impact of China’s COVID Closures: Shanghai and Beyond

China’s “zero COVID” policies are not ending anytime soon, and with that come...

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How Innovation has Impacted Shipping and Logistics

Innovation is a success key to growth in any industry or field. Innovation when combined with a...

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fcl vs lcl shipping defined

FCL vs LCL Shipping

The decision to ship by full container load (FCL) or less-than-container load (LCL) is a top pr...

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Ocean freight shipping after Ukraine crisis

Impact of Ukraine Crisis on Ocean Freight Shipping

Impact of Ukraine Crisis on Ocean Freight Shipping The continuing conflict that is happening...

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export custom clearance procedure india

What is Export Custom Clearance Procedure in India

Customs Clearance is a complex and time-consuming process that every Exporter has to deal with ...

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global shipping for importers

A Guide to International Shipping for Importers

International shipping is complicated and can be intimidating for new importers - but it doesn&...

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Import custom clearance process India

What is the Import Custom Clearance Procedure in India

  Custom clearance process in India After removing trade barriers, there has been an u...

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Busiest shipping ports

The World’s Busiest Shipping Routes and Trade Lanes

Ocean shipping routes are the lifeblood of the global supply chain, as an estimated 90% of trad...

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10 Busiest Ports in the U.S and the world

The 10 Busiest Ports in the U.S. & The World by Shipping Container Volume

Seaports are the gateways to international trade. They are the hubs of global commerce that con...

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Freight marketplace benefits

Top 8 Reasons to Use a Freight Marketplace to Find Container Capacity

Marketplaces have long been an avenue for sales transactions. Historically, markets provide a physi...

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Ocean freight market container shipping

Ocean Freight Market & Container Shipping Trends: How Did We Get Here & What Lies Ahead?

For anyone working in supply chain, logistics, or transportation, the past 18 months have been ...

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Ocean import news

The Latest Activity and Ocean Import News to Affect Importers

The supply chain continues to experience massive demand fluctuations as e-commerce surges swell and...

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US Import Customs Clearance best practices

Best Practices in US Import Customs Clearance

Global transportation and shipping are the lifeblood of the world economy. As focus on e-commerce a...

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Digital freight marketplace

What Is a Digital Freight Marketplace & How Are They Aiding in Finding Container Capacity via Aggregation

  One of the most significant challenges ocean freight administrators and logisticians face...

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Amazon FBA shipping best practices

Amazon FBA Shipping and Import Best Practices to Know

  ​Fulfillment by Amazon, i.e., Amazon FBA shipping, gives sellers an option to let Amazon ...

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cargo container shipping

How to Find Container Shipping Capacity for Cargo in Tight Markets

  The market for ocean freight has reached a bottleneck in recent years, exacerbated by the...

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Trade finance in international trade

How Does Trade Finance in International Trade Work & Why Is It Important?

Operating any supply chain network on a global scale is vastly different from running that same bus...

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ICC Incoterm rules guide

What Are the ICC Incoterm Rules?

  The International Chamber of Commerce publishes and updates the Incoterm rules every 10 y...

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less than container load shipping

What Is Less Than Container Load Shipping

  Among the many shipping methods available in today’s competitive landscape, less th...

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ocean freight FCL vs LCL shipping

How Should I Handle Ocean Freight: FCL vs LCL Shipping

While large and small businesses alike can benefit from LCL shipping, it often is the smaller compa...

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